GMT Traveler


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For the Frequent Traveler

A 9 A.M. board meeting back home and bourbon and cigars in London—no problem. Be in two places at one—if only in your dreams—with the GMT Traveler. At least you will know what time it is in London. 

The GMT Traveler, conceived to meet the needs of long-distance travelers: Ours is a globalized world of air travel and worldwide communications networks. It is a perpetual dilemma for the jet-setting watch enthusiast to choose just which watch to bring along on that all-important trip. In this world, it’s an advantage to wear a watch that tells you what the time is when you are away and the time at home.

If you've been checking this page periodically youve known that we have been out of stock of the GMT TRAVELER for some time now.  We were out for two reasons.  1.  It was a widely popular model and 2.  We were out of our HGR 60 ébauche movements.  We have now been able to secure ETA 2836 movements as an alternative.  Is it going to increase the price of the Traveler?  No we are committed to bringing you a high quality timepiece at an affordable price. Everything is still the same except for the wording on the dial which will now say GMT TRAVELER (see the pic directly below) and the bracelet will now be the same as the one on the Aquamariner (brushed with screws and divers slide lock extension).  We are also offering two new ceramic inserts, red/blue or red/black bi-colored bezel inserts.  We have only 60 RESERVE slots.  Because we will sell out fast it is best that you RESERVE your GMT now. Please order only from this page. 





How this works:  Last day to Reserve will be 10 April 2017.  Delivery will be approximately 2.5 months after Reserve closing.  Prior to completion we will invoice you for the second half of your payment. So you are only paying for half now to reserve your slot.  Once the slot is reserved no funding will be refunded should you decide not to complete the order.  We will let everyone know when all the slots are reserved. Please order only from this page. 


Red/Blue Ceramic Insert


Black & Blue Ceramic Insert


Back & Blue Ceramic insert DLC

Blue Ceramic Insert


Blue Ceramic Insert DLC


Black Ceramic Insert


Black Ceramic Insert DLC