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Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape

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The Hager S.E.R.E is a one piece, solid monocoque case, powered by the automatic Hager (HGR) 48 movement, which is based on the Swiss ETA 2824. The HGR48 is an extremely robust and accurate movement that uses a two-piece split-winding system based on original Type I design. It has a domed acrylic crystal and an illuminated dial secured in a 42mm stainless steel bead-blasted or PVD case with a friction based, bi-directional acrylic bezel that is reversed cut and hand lumed with a slight 3D effect in the markers. The models below were produced in a limited quantity and will only be available until they are sold out. Each case is individually numbered.

What is SERE?

S.E.R.E. is a military acronym that stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE). Originally established by the U.S. Air Force at the end of the Korean War, it is now a program that provides all U.S. military personnel, U.S. Department of Defense civilians and private military contractors with training in evading capture, survival skills and the military code of conduct.
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The Hager S.E.R.E. is our interpretation of the watch that was issued to U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets, UDT-SEALS, and CIA SOG teams) during Vietnam.  The Benrus Type I was considered to be one of the finest timepieces ever produced for the military.  They were simple to use and ruggedly built.  The Type 1 was one of the few military issued watches to feature an automatic movement under a military specification of its own, MIL-W-50717, and designated CLASS A, which is essentially the highest classification awarded to military watches.  These watches were never sold commercially and have become a favorite amongst enthusiasts and collectors.  Our watch is a perfect tribute to the Type I, as most of the case parts can be used as direct replacements on the original watch.  We offer the S.E.R.E. in two different configurations with different dials and bezels for each.
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The “Logo” on the back of the S.E.R.E. is the Combined Operations Insignia used in WWII by British and American Forces.  The insignia has an eagle over a thompson sub-machine gun, which is over an anchor, reflecting the three services (the Army, Navy (Marines) , and the Air Force).  The Latin phrase Actiones Praecipuae translates as “Special Actions”, which denotes what those who are associated with combined operations undertake. Each watch is numbered and is limited
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The Bead Blasted version:  As the name suggests the case is literally blasted by small beads (usually glass) at high pressures/speeds.  This type of process gives the watch a matte, usually gray appearance and is often found on military style watches where a low light reflective is a requirement.  It also slightly alters the structure of the metal surface making it slightly harder. 
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The bezel insert on the bead blasted version is a 12-hour bezel with minute markings for the first twenty minutes.  The use of this bezel allows the wearer to time minutes, hours or track a second time zone.  The dial shows hours, minutes, and sub-seconds markers. 

Purchase the bead-blasted limited numbered edition SERE now for $450. Quantities are limited.
The S.E.R.E. will ship within two weeks of purchase as the watch has to be assembled.

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The PVD version: PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition.  PVD is a method used to deposit thin layers of coating by condensation of vapor in a high temperature and vacuum environment to the stainless steel surface of the watch, making the surface case harder and the watch more scratch resistant than a regular stainless steel watch.  PVD is usually applied to military tactical watches as an anti-glare mechanism. It’s camouflage for your watch.
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The bezel insert on the PVD version shows a divers scale with 0-60 minutes.  The dial shows hours, minutes and seconds markers. 

Purchase the PVD limited numbered edition SERE now for $550. Quantities are limited.
The S.E.R.E. will ship within two weeks of purchase as the watch has to be assembled.

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Caliber: HGR48 Automatic
Functions: hours, minutes and seconds
Size: 11 1/2"
Jewels: 25 Jewels
Power Reserve: 36 Hours
Hz: 4/28'800 vibrations per hour
Finish: Gold plated with company logo laser engraved on the rotor .

Case, Dial & Hands
Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Diameter: 42.7 mm without crown
Height: 14.5mm to top of dome
Case Length (lug to lug): 47.5mm
Lug Width: 20mm fixed lugs
Finish: Bead-Blasted or PVD coated
Water Resistance: 50m
Case Back: Engraved with the Combined Operations Insignia
Crystal: Acrylic crystal
Dial: illuminated with SuperLuminova
Reversed cut and hand lumed acrylic insert/Stainless Steel
Hands: SuperLuminova blue and green dial, hands and bezel insert
Crown: Screw-down with 2 piece stem
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