In a Class of its Own

Rather than doing the time zone shuffle with your watch when you travel, we’ve designed a Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) watch that has a rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel and 24-hour hand that allows those who travel the world to read three different time zones. Two simultaneously. The TRAVELER completely transcends its price category by offering features found only on other luxury watches. The TRAVELER is impeccably well built, solid and is suitable for almost any setting.

In addition to conventional hour, minute and seconds hands, the 24 hour hand (blue hand with red arrow) or “GMT” hand, can be easily set from the 12 hour hand by “jumping” from hour to hour, and the rotating ceramic bezel, used in conjunction with the 24 hour hand, gives the ability to display multiple time zones at the same time. The distinctively colored 24-hour hand displays the “home” or “local” reference time in a first time zone that can be read on the graduations on the bezel.

24 Click Bi-Directional Bezel

Like other luxury brands, the Traveler uses a 24 click bi-directional graduated ceramic bezel, with a notched ring and spring that provides constant torque resulting in a fluid and reliable rotation of the bezel in both directions and one click for each hour. The rotation system that allows the bezel to be turned in either direction and locate with a positive click in each of the 24 hour positions, without any possibility of an intermediate stop or accidental changes. The powerful spring mechanism allows crisp, precise movements, and works reliably over time. Apart from securely indicating home or reference time, the bezel can also be rotated to read a third time zone using the 24-hour hand.

Lumed Ceramic Bezel

Unlike many other luxury brands, the GMT bezel is also luminous which provides legibility no matter what the conditions when you’re traveling.

"You don't have to be rich to travel well." ~Eugene Fodor

The GMT Traveler offers an unprecedented combination of complexity and simplicity for a fraction of the cost that other brands are charging.