A New Underwater Icon


The Commando Professional is a timepiece that transcends the archetypical divers’ watch. It is a watch that punches above its weight and quality isn’t sacrificed for the sake of budget. The Professional Series bridges the past with the future, a stepping-stone between old and new. This isn't your father's watch. It's a watch for the future, one for the next generation, yet past generations can still connect with the Professional series as well. From it’s polished beveled edges, part raised and part-countersunk markers and matte midnight blue dial (which is an eye catching and very distinctive appearance) to the combination of the smooth, reflective surface of the unidirectional 120-click luminousceramic bezel this watch has an elegant feel on the wrist due to the curvature of the lugs, making it just as appropriate for business as for casual wear. 

Perfectly set into the bezel, the domed sapphire crystal arcs above the Commando’s matte midnight blue dial. The rotating ceramic bezel clicks into place with absolute precision, its subdivisions perfectly aligned with the corresponding strokes on the dial’s minute-circle. The bezel rotates with exactly the right amount of give: stiffly enough to prevent it from being inadvertently shifted, but smoothly enough so that you needn’t exercise an inordinate quantum of force. The luminous indices and lumed bezel push the boundaries of visibility in dark environments. The blue glow lasts up to eight hours with a uniform luminosity throughout, assure that the diving time can be read in the dark; hence the Commando can be worn scuba diving allowing a diver to accurately and safely monitor diving time and decompression stops.

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