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Hager is proud to announce its partnership with the Roadrunners Internationale to bring a Limited Edition chronograph that commemorates the Roadrunners and the A-12 Oxcart program.  The Roadrunners Internationale is an association of former pilots, crew members, engineers, support personnel and government contractors who worked at Area 51 supporting the U-2,  A-12, YF-12 and SR-71 programs.


The A-12 Oxcart was the successor to the U-2 spy plane and precursor to the SR-71 Blackbird. Built by Lockheed Martin, the Oxcart was owned and operated by the CIA and represents a pioneering achievement in aeronautical engineering. To this day it holds records for speed and altitude (Mach 3.29 at 90,000 feet) for an air-breathing piloted jet aircraft.  

Only 500 pieces [250 Stainless Steel/250 Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)] of the Hager Skymaster A-12 Roadrunner L.E. will be made in this series this year.  Each watch will be numbered on the custom imprinted partial sapphire caseback (shown below) and on the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity to show its position within the run of 500.  The Skymaster will also come with a museum quality 1/72 scale die cast model, a poster of the A-12, a "Remove Before Flight" keychain, an A-12 Article 128 CIA coin and two Cygnus" patches.   A portion of the proceeds from each sale of this limited edition timepiece will be donated to the Roadrunners Association so they can continue to preserve the history and heritage of the U-2, A-12, YF-12 and SR-71.  To read more about the A-12 Oxcart and Project Archangel go to our Downloads page. 

The Pre-Sale for these timepieces will be limited.  The final day to reserve your timepiece will be 15 April 2016.  Timepieces will ship in July 2016.