WHAT’S NEW? We were honored to learn that we’ve been named one of 6 American Watch Brands Every Man Must Knowby Esquire Magazine in one of their latest articles.

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Thanks to all of our customers, and Esquire, the Hager Professional Series is sparking a lot of attention, which has led to further interest and demand (especially in New York). As such, our friends at Kenjo Watches in New York will carry a selection of the Professional Series for customers to try on and purchase. Kenjo’s is one of the most relaxed and friendly watch shops in the country with a knowledgeable staff and an in-house watchmaker for service. If you are in New York, make a stop at their store on 40 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019. (212) 333-7220 Website: www.kenjo.net
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If you’ve been following our Instagram feed or twitter you probably have noticed our new proprietary movements by Dubois Depraz as well as the word CYGNUS. Some of you may have guessed what CYGNUS means. We will give you a hint. A new, or should we say, redesigned chronograph. Starting next week it will all become clear. Keep watching.
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Also, some good things have to come to an end. Now that summer is over, so is the sale of the Professional Blue Series. You have until October 2nd to purchase a Professional Blue Series timepiece. The blue ceramic GMT is currently out of stock.

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The Professional Series goes with everything from a swimsuit to a jacket and tie, from the ocean to the office, or whether you’re going to speakeasies, luscious parks, patio grilled lunches, black tie dinner parties, open-air bars or bumped-up sweaty clubs.  For this daily circuit, you need a timepiece that bridges casual and classy, sporty and sophisticated.  Multipurpose luxury timepieces fit for dynamic whizzy lifestyles.
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Commando Stainless Steel
Blue Ceramic Bezel Insert

For a Limited Time Only $550

Nuanced, agent of influence, Seahunt meets spy craft
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Commando DLC
Blue Ceramic Bezel Insert

For a Limited Time Only $650

Elegant in it’s minimalism and it’s maximalism
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GMT Traveler DLC
Blue Ceramic Bezel Insert

For a Limited Time Only $750

Make a statement without saying a single word

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GMT Traveler Stainless Steel
Blue Ceramic Bezel Insert


There are people on vacations and then there are Travelers.

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