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New SKYMASTER Chronograph A-12 Limited Edition for Roadrunner Internationale
Hager Celebrates CIA A-12 Pilots In Las Vegas

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and nowhere is this expression more relevant than in aviation and the world of watches. The story of aviation has always been one about speed, and horology has always been a part of that heritage, providing pilots with speed calculations, navigation, distance, fuel consumption and timing. The 3 key elements of a pilot’s watch, which must be emphasized to make it worthy of the name, are accuracy, legibility and utility.  By those criteria, the Hager Skymaster is an unqualified success, bringing to the table all the visual clarity needed when you’re pulling gs and flying over MACH 3. It is ruggedly built, functional and highly accurate. Our new timepiece is aptly named after a vehicle that still holds the record for speed, MACH 3.29 and altitude, 95,000 feet, the A-12 OXCART.
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A-12s flank the two-seated A-12 trainer "Titanium Goose"(middle) at Dreamland Resort, Groom Lake, Area 51
Las Vegas, NV- October 07, 2015 American watchmaker Hager (Haːɡɐ) unveiled the newest edition of their Professional Series during an exclusive reception and private dinner with members of Roadrunners Internationale, Lockheed Martin and the CIA. The event, at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, was a highlight of the recent Roadrunner Internationale reunion. The Roadrunners were an elite group of CIA, Air Force, and support personnel operating out what is officially known as Area 51. They were an integral part of our Cold War history and supported the U-2, A-12, YF-12, and SR-71 programs.

Hager CEO Pierre Brown and Christopher Becker of Dubois Depraz, presented the brand’s newest timepiece, the Skymaster A-12 Limited Roadrunner Edition Chronograph, to two of the CIA’s legendary A-12 Oxcart pilots and Roadrunner members, Colonel Ken Collins, (USAF, ret.) and Lieutenant Colonel Frank Murray, (USAF, ret.). The A-12 Oxcart was the successor to the U-2 spy plane and precursor to the SR-71 Blackbird. Built by Lockheed Martin, the Oxcart was owned and operated by the CIA and represents a pioneering achievement in aeronautical engineering. To this day it holds records for speed and altitude (Mach 3.29 at 90,000 feet) for an air-breathing piloted jet aircraft.
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From L to R: Ken Collins, Pierre Brown (Hager Watches), Frank Murray and Chris Becker (Dubois Depraz Americas Business Development Manager)
This newest edition to Hager’s Professional Series features several design elements that distinguish it from other chronograph models currently on the market. The Skymaster is a bi-compax chronograph housed in a 44mm brushed and polished case, with beveled edges; a bi-directional 24-click luminous ceramic twelve-hour countdown bezel that can also be used as a GMT; a domed Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal (inside only); and recessed pushers and a screw-in crown. The Skymaster is water resistant to 100m.

The dial sports a tachymeter scale stadium ring with two subdials and Skeleton Superluminova®-filled hands and markers. The Skymaster contains a special chronograph movement manufactured by one of the most renowned independent watchmakers in Switzerland, Dubois Depraz, with 62 jewels, at 28,800 vph. The specially modified (for Hager Watches) DD Caliber 2016 displays a 60-minute counter at 9 o’clock and a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock. The red, plane-like Tachymeter hand also serves as the running seconds hand.

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The bracelet buckle is equipped with a push-button fold-over clasp and a push-button sliding micro-adjustment button that allows one to adjust the bracelet to an exact fit, rather than to the closest link size.

For a unique touch the sapphire caseback is custom imprinted and features the unit’s unofficial patch and the name of the program, CYGNUS, after the constellation of Cygnus the Swan—an appropriate tribute to the Skymasters’ heritage and captivating design.

This limited edition timepiece (available in Stainless Steel or Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), will only be available to members of the Roadrunners Internationale.

“We are proud to honor COL Collins and LTC Murray for their service to our great nation and we hope to support the Roadrunners in the future so they can continue to preserve the history and heritage of the U-2, A-12, YF-12, and SR-71 programs for others to enjoy.”
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We were honored to learn that we’ve been named one of 6 American Watch Brands Every Man Must Knowby Esquire Magazine in one of their latest articles.

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Thanks to all of our customers, and Esquire, the Hager Professional Series is sparking a lot of attention, which has led to further interest and demand (especially in New York). As such, our friends at Kenjo Watches in New York will carry a selection of the Professional Series for customers to try on and purchase. Kenjo’s is one of the most relaxed and friendly watch shops in the country with a knowledgeable staff and an in-house watchmaker for service. If you are in New York, make a stop at their store on 40 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019. (212) 333-7220 Website: www.kenjo.net
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The Professional Series goes with everything from a swimsuit to a jacket and tie, from the ocean to the office, or whether you’re going to speakeasies, luscious parks, patio grilled lunches, black tie dinner parties, open-air bars or bumped-up sweaty clubs.  For this daily circuit, you need a timepiece that bridges casual and classy, sporty and sophisticated.  Multipurpose luxury timepieces fit for dynamic whizzy lifestyles.
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